Monday, November 13, 2017

The Hoboken Resistance Continues

In 2015 we had a Mayor in Hoboken Dawn Zimmer that was considered a reformer with a long list of accomplishments and had on paper and in practice a 7-2 City Council majority. Things looked bright for Hoboken’s future.

Remember, Remember the 7th of November

Fast forward to 2017 and we have a new Mayor of Hoboken handpicked by Mayor Zimmer that was propelled into office in a highly negative campaign. As a result we now have a 4-3-2 City Council or even a 2-7 split depending on the issue. The Mayor elect Ravi Bhalla, thanks to his negative campaigning and Dawn Zimmer’s botched baton toss has seen a split in reform due to poor decisions and flat out arrogance. Despite abandoning the principles of reform of running positive campaigns, resisting outside PAC money, and showing a lack of transparency at the end of her 2nd term Dawn Zimmer was able to elect her man. However, from where I sit it is a Pyrrhic victory with only a 2-7 City Council to start and so came at a great cost. Ravi Bhalla's biggest challenge will be to build a 5-4 coalition on the City Council but the 6 votes for bonding may turn out elusive. Simply ramming legislation down the City Council's throat will no longer suffice as Zimmer did since 2015. The role of the citizen advocate will be important as well to speak out and ensure good decisions happen going forward.

The reform movement as I once knew it is now dead but the Hoboken Resistance Movement is being reborn and I am assuming the mantle of leadership to just kickstart the new post reform era from those on the outside. I look forward to growing a collaborative group and sharing in the leadership with others who want to ensure Hoboken continues down the right path. 

This site is inspired by the role I once played in Hoboken pre-2009 when government was not working for the citizens of Hoboken. Finances were being improperly handled, PILOTS were being abused, bad hiring decisions were being done in form of patronage and infrastructure was being ignored. 

Join the Hoboken Resistance now and hold our elected officials accountable once again. Please retweet any posts you like from this with the hashtag #HobokenResistance. We must remain vigilant to ensure the progress we have made in the last 8 years does not succumb to fiscal mismanagement and big developer greed or horse trading for political advancement. Hoboken can be great only if our citizenry is informed and engaged.