Monday, November 20, 2017

Talk of the Town - Power Outages in Hoboken - Balloons, Seriously?

Welcome to the Talk of The Town, a periodic blog series that catches you up on the latest political rumors and happenings around Hoboken, our beloved Mile Square. It is similar in respects to Al Sullivan's or "Between the Lines" or MSV's "Grist for the Mill" columns in that only a single reliable source is necessary to publish but sometimes with a bit of political satire mixed in for some entertainment. Keep in mind that this editor does endeavor to be correct as possible on these columns but do take this with a bit of cautious skepticism as all discerning citizens should. For this first column I am going to start out with something more lighthearted given the heated Hoboken election season and everyone's need to tamp it down a bit.

Party Balloons in Weehawken Cause Power Outage in Hoboken, For Real: 

Around 10:15 PM in Hoboken, many uptown residents lost power for about 10 seconds last night. Then about 7 minutes later around 10:22 PM many of those same residents lost power again for about 10 minutes. In the end it was only a a minor inconvenience but happened during the 2nd half of a very anticipated Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles NFL game. Perhaps the  inconvenience would be best summarized in the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems. No known other power incidents happened after that time.

6th Ward Councilwoman Jennifer Giattino was responsive as usual. She wrote on Facebook last night:  "If your power went out it tonight it was apparently due to party balloons hitting power lines in Weehawken. Thankfully power is back."

Party Balloons in Weehawken Source of Power Outage

This naturally begs the question: Was Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner throwing a party after foisting NY Waterway and NJ Transit on Hoboken with their recent purchase of the Union Dry Dock site? Just kidding of course. Richard Turner is a popular Mayor in Weehawken and very effective serving his constituents. They said "Not in my backyard" and he proved to be far more effective than Mayor Zimmer who had years to acquire Union Dry Dock but never made it a priority until it was too late.

The last time this area had a power outage in the area it was due to a squirrel that blew a transformer several months back.It is clear to me now that Hoboken has a knack for unorthodox causes of power outages. At least one enterprising chef knows what to do with the leftovers.

No squirrels were harmed during last night's power outage

Hoboken Police detectives are reportedly interviewing 99 Red Balloons as an object of interest despite their heavy case load looking into the persons behind the pre-election racist flier depicting Ravi Bhalla as a terrorist. Not sure what the point is investigating nonmetallic red balloons other than being very thorough but it does at least give me an opportunity for an 80's flashback:

More juicy tidbits on the post election fallout tomorrow.