Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Breaking: After Years of Not Being a Priority - Mayor Zimmer and Mayor Elect Bhalla Make Union Dry Dock a Priority

Holy pre-holiday news dumps Batman! First John Allen gets a political reward with a Chief of Staff position and now finally after 8 years, Mayor Zimmer decides it is time to act decisively on Union Dry Dock. From the Office of the Hoboken Mayor via press release and Nixle alert:

Hoboken Community Update on Union Dry Dock:

Mayor Zimmer and Mayor-Elect Bhalla are completely committed to moving forward with acquiring the Union Dry Dock site for public open space now that it is no longer being used by Union Dry dock as a boat repair facility. The City is working expeditiously to complete its own appraisal and will pursue all options necessary to acquire the property from NY Waterway.

The following joint letter was sent to NJ Transit and its board members to ensure that the existing NJ Transit leadership and the new Administration understand Hoboken’s clear position on this urgent matter: www.hobokennj.gov/docs/mayor/Letter-Zimmer-Bhalla-Santoro-11-21-17.pdf.

NJ Transit has advised the City that it will be entering into an agreement with NY Waterway for the option to purchase the property. The City was also advised that NJ Transit intends to allocate $12 million in its budget for acquisition of the property.

Residents may speak at the next NJ Transit board meeting which will be on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 9:00am in the Board Room at NJ Transit's Headquarters, One Penn Plaza East, Ninth Floor, Newark, New Jersey.