Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hoboken Resistance Rebranded to Hoboken Resistance and Advocate

Double Your Fun with two URLs instead of one
The Hoboken Resistance was born out of a desire to keep the big outside dollars from totally influencing Hoboken's future in the aftermath of the November 7th election. The top two candidates approached $500k or more in fundraising and literally drowned out anyone else from a chance of even having a real voice in the last two weeks given the constant TV ads and the free media from the nationally reported flier-gate incident. Grass roots reform is dead as we know it. Future mayoral candidates will have to pony up and raise at least $400k- $500k in funds to be able to compete for the low information voters it will take to get over the top. Until Citizen's United is repealed this will be the unfortunate state of Hoboken when it comes to electing a new mayor in the foreseeable future.

The goal of this website is to report on the issues as they come up with a focus on what is best for Hoboken residents and not political office holders, candidates or outside interests. Unlike to the unabashed propaganda over at Grafix Avenger where talk of revenge still rages on for the so-called winners of this election, the website endeavors to keep it policy focused. From time to time I as editor will call out propaganda when it is at its most egregious and as always I reserve that right under the First Amendment.

Based on my small informal focus group there was ironically some resistance to the name Hoboken Resistance. Although my focus group has no where near the funding of Stronger Foundations, The Super Developer PAC that funneled at least $50k in advertising to help Ravi Bhalla get elected, they made a few suggestions for alternative names. Keep in mind there used to be a far more menacing sounding group that was called Hoboken Revolt. Their purpose was to protest and advocate during the Robert's Administration fiscal mismanagement that could have nearly doubled our taxes with larger deficits and the bankruptcy of the HUMC.

For those that do not remember or were not here, a trip down memory lane:

No pitchforks, but angry protesters storm Hoboken City Hall

My solution is a compromise and the new name is Hoboken Resistance and Advocate. Depending on your mood or issue you access this blog-site in one of two ways:

http://hobokenresistance.com or http://hobokenadvocate.com

Take your pick. I have decided to give you two different flavors of the same brand. Two links are better then one. Double Your Pleasure. Double Your Fun.