Friday, December 1, 2017

Milling and Paving Scheduled for Week of December 4th on Portion of Washington Street

Here is an update from the City of Hoboken on Washington Street. This project was originally supposed to be completed up to 8th Street by election day of this year (after several adjustments of the project baseline prior). It looks like Hoboken is taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to get some paving in before the winter shuts down major work on this project. Someone must have also done a decent job of accumulating asphalt because usually by this time of year the manufacturers of the material stopping making it until the spring.

This project has had its detractors (including me) in the way it has been handled but at least if they can get a few blocks done before the holidays that would finally be some tangible progress. Earlier this year when I was contemplating a run for City Council this year I remarked how Washington Street was worse than the streets of Bosnia during its civil war. The person who was signing my petition drove a Humvee as part of his military service and agreed with me since he actually driven on the roads of Bosnia during the conflict. True story.

Milling and Paving Scheduled for Week of December 4th on 

Portion of Washington Street

From City of Hoboken Showing Bus Detours and Scope of Paving on Washington Street

Milling and paving of four blocks of Washington Street between Observer Highway and 3rd Street is scheduled to take place the week of December 4th, weather permitting. Expected hours of operation are 8:00am to 7:30pm. Efforts will be made to maintain vehicular traffic where possible, however road closures will be required at times.

During construction, NJ Transit buses will operate on a detour. Buses heading toward Hoboken Terminal will travel south along Washington Street, detour east on 5th Street, and south on Hudson Street. Buses heading towards New York will leave the bus terminal from Observer Highway, turn north on Bloomfield Street, turn east on 5th Street, and continue north on Washington Street along the regular route.

To facilitate bus detours, parking will be prohibited on both sides of 5th Street between Bloomfield Street and Hudson Street as well as on both sides of Bloomfield Street near Observer Highway and Hudson Street near 5th Street. Police will be on hand to help direct traffic.